Self Care Matters – 3 Step Strategy to Self-care.

May 13, 2020 5 Comments

I am starting a new category on self-care in my blog as it was one of my blog goals for this month. Also, I love anything and everything to do with self-care ideas, tips, topics, discussions, and events.

It took me so many years to understand how effective self-care is and how much it matters in our lives.

Let’s talk about Self-care:

We all go through a lot of stress in our lives sometimes it’s work, family, kids, or relationships and we get so occupied sorting our lives that we start neglecting our own health and life. You start living for other people all the time and stop living for yourself.

We are trying to be too hard on ourselves neglecting our own peace of mind, and health. So it is important to gain some self-knowledge to self-love and self-care.

In simple words it’s all about keeping sometime for ourselves, our own space.

What is Self-care for me:

Self-care is more than a reward. I divide it into 3 step strategies.

The 3 step strategy to self care is:

1. “I am responsible for myself,”

2.  Being yourself.

3.  Loving yourself to the core.

  • I am responsible for myself.

What “I am responsible for myself” means? You may ask I already know this then why is this on your number one list for self-care.

So I have subdivided it into four categories of health, exercise, saying no, and sleep.

Stethoscope kept on a bed. Health is Self care.
  1. Prioritize your health and body:

I believe that self-care is all about being responsible for yourself and taking excellent care of your mental and physical health. We live in our body, and it is important to give priority to our health before anything. I see it this way if we stay fit and healthy only then we can take care of others.

So through this post, I would like to encourage you to go out there and see a healthcare professional for any kind of sickness, physical or weird ailments that you don’t know where they coming from. Also, take your annual doctor’s appointment seriously, and take your medications on time.

Doing this will help you know your body and health better and may encourage you to do some lifestyle changes, which may help you a lot.

2. Some form of exercise:

Do some kind of physical exercise you are comfortable with. I know this is a cliche and we don’t like to exercise as it makes us really uncomfortable or we just too lazy to do something which involves physical activity.

But here’s the thing just going to the gym or doing rigorous exercises is not a solution. One should do something that they really want and can involve in their schedule.

I know a lot of people trying to run on a treadmill or do yoga just cause its trending but what they actually may like is playing a sport or just going for a simple walk. So try to find what works for you and do it for 30 minutes every day or 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Saying no more:

I am personally working on this, and it’s hard. I know it’s so easy to say yes, but it ends up hurting us on the other side.

Take a breath, think of how your days are going to think if you need a break. Maybe you’ve been traveling a lot and you need some self-care days.

Make some time for that and know that it’s ok to say no. It’s completely ok to say Oh, I’m just too busy that day, I can’t. I give you full permission and I encourage you to do it more when you need to.

4. Sleep:

I put sleep at number four because some other things will need to happen in order for our sleep to get in sync.

Try to go to sleep and get up around the same time each day and I know it sucks sometimes we have to work late or we want to sleep in, I also like to sleep in and I am still sometimes struggling with it.  We should keep our bodies in a regular schedule.

We’re creatures of habit and our body is super adaptable and so if we keep that schedule you will get tired and fall asleep and oh 8.00 am that’s when we wake up it’ll start feeling that and getting in that rhythm and the sooner do it actually the better we start to feel.

  • Being Yourself
A girl is sitting near a window reading a book for self care.

This is the second on my self-care list and it’s very important to understand what being yourself means.

 I completely believe that self-care is all about being yourself. It is not just doing something for the heck of it, but doing what you really want to do. We are living in the age of social media and see people putting up pictures and videos of their self-care routines and activities almost every day.

Sometimes we might get affected by it and try to do the same, thinking it is some kind of norm or a trend or we do it just to add up to those pictures in our profiles. 

Let me say this that I am not against the idea of sharing posts on these apps but definitely share it with the world when you really feel and connect with what you do. Or share it when you really want to inspire people to do what they love doing.

So being yourself is also self-care. It can be anything, exercising, doing a skincare routine, working on a project, reading books, watching a movie, meditating, or going for a hike. Almost anything that makes us feel self loved.

I encourage everyone not to try too hard on themselves and just do something that they can and really make them feel happy and at peace.

  • Loving yourself to the core.

This is the most important last but the best on my list. I completely agree with the idea of loving yourself. And some positive and daily affirmations every day can be a part of our lives to motivate and give us the confidence to do it.

Love yourself written on a black board next to red roses. Self care ideas.

No matter what the situation is always love yourself every day to the core. I completely believe that no person can love me more than me. And also when you love yourself truly you will spread that love with the world.

So this is my understanding of self-care which is taking responsibility for yourself, being yourself, and loving yourself.

Let me know in the comments what is your idea about self-care and also share some suggestions on what should be my next self-care topic.


  • Darlene Odenwald May 15, 2020 at 4:29 PM

    I really needed to hear these things today. Sometimes, as moms, we lose sight of self-care.

  • soiamthinkingoutloud May 16, 2020 at 2:54 PM

    Well written. You are so right, this is what we need to do, remembering to put ourselves first so we can be there for other. It’s just challenging sometimes.

  • Shreya May 16, 2020 at 3:04 PM

    Nicely articulated! Self-care is the key to a more aware life 🙂

  • Mint May 16, 2020 at 3:28 PM

    Exercise and sleep are so important to good health and self-care; that’s why I always make them a priority!

  • Ashley J Newton May 17, 2020 at 2:27 AM

    I’ve just begun to learn that self care is definitely not selfish! This is a great validation of that.

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