4 Simple ways to help you read more books.

June 26, 2020 1 Comment
two unopenend books kept on a table along with a cup of tea and some desk esentials.

Today am back with one of my favorite self-growth topics and that is how to read more of what we love.

I finished reading one book this month and I have also started reading three more books.

We all know the benefits of reading books and why it’s great which is also why you clicked on this article.

Let’s go through a little quick refresher, reading can help challenge us creatively and intellectually, it helps us build our vocabulary, help you reduce your stress, help you sleep better, it can change your life, and the list goes on forever.

Now, you’ll be like we already know why reading is great but we just don’t have enough time or I’m too busy, well this exactly is what we going to be talking about in this article.

We’ll be going over four tips on how I’ve been able to finish one book a month since the past one year and none of these four tips will be earth shattering, groundbreaking, and super innovative.

These are just four practical tips that have helped me and I hope it helps you to unlock the inner nerd within you.

1. Go where your mind and heart leads you:

So I feel there is no right or wrong way to read books. You can read multiple books at once, I feel.

I usually used to get stuck in the middle of the book because I used to feel that I can only read one book at a time and I can start with another only when I finish reading the first book.

And If I get stuck in the middle of one book, I usually stop reading it altogether. It’s like identifying the problem and asking myself why am I not reading as much as I’d like and how can I change this.

What I actually found for myself was it’s ok to read more than one book and I don’t need to finish a book before I start another.

What you want to read today, what title speaks to you, or the chapter you want to read.

Which genre are you craving to read today or the title your heart is gravitating towards?

It’s ok to go through multiple books and read them, pause and then quit reading them or continue reading the book you got hooked to.

So basically you can literally read books however you want and read whatever connects to your soul.

2.Create a habit (read 15 mins a day)

You can either create a system of committing 15 minutes daily to reading or you can set a goal of reading a book.

Creating a habit to read differs from setting a goal, but what both concept comes down to is creating an environment where you make it a part of your life and do it every single day.

You can give 15 mins daily either morning or evening to read at least 15 to 20 pages a day.

I feel if you involve yourself in creating this habit system you can easily give 15 minutes and read 15 to 20 pages every day.

I feel dedicating 15 minutes every day is practical and attainable. We can carve out at least 15 minutes easily from our daily routine and read what you love.

If you really want to continue, then why just 15 minutes you could read for more time and over 20 pages if you really like a book.

3.Choose your medium. (how do you like to read your content?)

Figure out the medium which suits you best or choose the way you want to read your content.

There are several ways and you can be open to different mediums like, there’s kindle which is like a digital, then there are PDFs, there are physical books, there are audiobooks, etc.

You can ask yourself what are my options and preferences and how can I fit these options into my daily routine.

Some of you may like the physical book, the smell of the pages, or the touch and feel of it, then go for the physical way.

Some may like a digital way of reading like kindle which doesn’t have any internet so you can read your digital content with no distractions.

I have been doing a lot of audios reading lately. Where I can do other stuff with just listening to the audiobook and need not be at one place reading it with my eyeballs. 

Choose the medium you like the most if you feel you can do well with audio reading where you are listening to someone read to you then go for it.

If you like the kindle better or a physical book gives you more focus and satisfaction, then go for that medium.

The world is our oyster so don’t limit yourself to just one medium you can explore all the above and choose for yourself. 

4.Know your why. (Why are you reading?)

 The last practical tip is to know your why. Why are you reading, it can be reading for entertainment or reading for enjoyment, learning something new, or motivating yourself and there may be many many reasons why you want to read? 

I think it’s important to know for us and for ourselves why it is important to read.

Reading can be a part of your self-care routine, it can be a part of your me-time or a part of productivity time, but you need to be aware and intentional about why are you reading.

I personally started reading more when I was 17 years old and then it was mostly because I badly wanted to increase my general knowledge and answers to all the world questions like the famous personalities, places, literature, and the people.

Also, I always felt the need to build my confidence a lot so read self-help and motivational books more.

The first-ever book I read was “The Mein Kampf”, then who moved my cheese? I enjoyed reading them a lot and “The Alchemist” which I go back to reading whenever I can.

After reading many more such books, I started to feel more confident and motivated about myself.

It also helped me big time with improving my communication skills and confidence.

So, sit with yourself and think about what are you looking for when you are reading something.

You can figure out as to how reading is inspiring me somewhere somehow, helping me bettering myself every day in whatever capacity.

You might want to read more business books that can help you learn how to lead a team effectively and improve your business communication.

There may be a need of reading more spiritual or motivational books if you are at a phase in your life where you are going through personal lows and need a lift.

You need to know your why and what reading is doing to you and then it will continue to shape you, motivate and encourage you to read more. 

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  • Njkinny July 9, 2020 at 1:25 PM

    Such valid tips…I am a compulsive reader and read books for the pleasure of it as well as a learning source. 😍
    I read books according to my mood and absolutely adore talking about the books I am reading or have read.

    -Njkinny @Njkinny’s Blog

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