Panic Grocery Shopping in America.

March 21, 2020 2 Comments

As we are all in the midst of coronavirus and at home the only thing that can push us to go out is groceries. It’s important to stock up on groceries in times like these when you are quarantined at home. As we were running out of food and it was already 2 weeks since we went to the grocery store. I somehow managed some strength and visited the grocery store near my house.

I was stepping out first time after the shut down, so wore some gloves and tied a stole around my mouth. It was slightly cold. When i went out of my apartment i saw a women running and people taking a walk. So i could see a lot of people moving around. Also saw a lot of cars on the road. Clearly there were not much cases in our city yet but who knows as it may increase.

  • My first stop: Indian store

My first stop was the Indian store near our house as i buy some Indian spices and veggies from there. I entered the store and saw the sign on it saying the store timings are changed and its going to close early cause of coronavirus condition. The Indian store had a pretty decent rush. Lots of people came to buy groceries and i could see people filling up their carts full so they don’t have to come for days.

I could see people walking in distance and avoid getting their carts near anyone. I could also see suddenly they were keeping to themselves and picking up stuff and rushing to lineup at the counter. The counter line was long. When i reached the counter with my cart i saw all the cashiers wearing masks. Clearly i could sense that there was panic everywhere but groceries are an important and crucial part of our lives which keeps us going.

  • My second stop : Kroger

My second stop was Kroger and the moment i entered the store i saw a good rush more than the Indian store as if it was some normal day grocery store. All the front door sanitizer wipes were over, so i cleaned the cart with my hand sanitizer and straight went up to the vegetable and fruit section. I was surprised to see the vegetable and fruit section almost empty. There were hardly any fruits and veggies left. That moment i felt really glad that i went to the Indian store and picked up on some veggies. I went to all the sections the only section that dint disappoint me was the milk and eggs section rest i just picked up what was left on the racks.

Almost every section had only few things left oil, salt, fruits as if someone robbed the entire store. I then thought i have some paper towels at home and should stock some more and what do i see, the whole paper towel rack was empty. Not loosing hope i went to the kroger pharmacy to ask if they have any face masks or liquid hand wash even that was out of stock. I also checked if they have the disinfectant wipes and even they were out of stock.

  • My last stop: CVS

I came to my last stop cvs pharmacy to pickup my prescriptions and see if they have the things i missed in the groceries and saw some known faces from the grocery stores. All the people were picking up paper towels and soaps from the pharmacy they coudn’t find in the grocery store.

Wow, i have never seen so much panic and fear among people for loosing out on grocery stuff ever before in my life. I came back home with everything that i needed to go for the next 10 to 15 days, pulled out my groceries made sure i wash and bag all the veggies before they go in the fridge and wiped out all the boxes with a disinfectant.

Tips from my experience:

  1. If you running out of paper towels, tissues, liquid hand soaps etc and cant find at your store you could try cvs or wall greens as they might have it in stock.
  2. Face masks and disinfectant masks are almost out of stock everywhere so you could try online.
  3. Do not overstock perishable items as it might get spoiled if not used within 2 weeks.


  • Lynh April 5, 2020 at 5:37 AM

    I would love to see some Indian recipe on your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Anu April 7, 2020 at 11:38 AM

      Sure Lynch I will put up some. Thanks for inspiring 🙂

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