A Rainy day with my childhood memories!!

March 15, 2020 No Comments
Photo by Valentin Müller on Unsplash

It won’t be wrong to say that am a “Pluviophile” combination of two different latin words “Pluvia” means rain and “Phile” is a slang word for lover of something. I was a fan of rain since childhood. I love the rhythm of the falling water and how it gives so much peace to my mind. For some people rain bring sadness and gloom but for me it instantly elevates my mind and am happier.

Today just when it started raining I opened my window blinds went to the kitchen and made some tea . I came near my window sat there in silence sipping my cup of tea and watching the rain. It was so meditative and therapeutic. 

I have some profound memories of rainy season. I am originally from India and we have some dedicated months for the rainy season. (June to September). When I was watching the rain I went into flashback of a beautiful childhood memory. 

Just after the summer break our schools had reopened and i was in my new 4th grade. I came back from school and while having my evening snacks was being scolded by my grand mom for not taking school homework seriously. Soon after that I was upset, so i opened my bag, pulled out my books in anger and started to write my homework.

My cousin who had come from Bombay for his summer break and few kids from the neighborhood came to take me to play outdoors but I simply said “no, I have to finish my homework“. They kept distracting me but I chose to concentrate on my book. After few minutes they left and suddenly I heard the thunderstorm from outside my window. I remembered someone saying at school “I see black clouds, it may rain”.  That was the first time I learnt that black clouds indicate rains”

I rushed to look out of the window and it was raining, i could smell the fresh smell of the earth, it just lifted my mood and I so wanted to go to the porch of our house to enjoy the rain. I heard all the kids playing and dancing joyously. They were all splashing the rain water from the rain puddles and running all over singing the famous “rain rain go away” song. I wanted to join all the fun but was holding back. I remember my grandma’s scolding and went back to finish my homework. 

After a minute my aunt and grand mom came to my room, aunt closed my book and said “never do any work halfhearted” and grandma said “It’s raining, you must go out to play with the kids”. I was so happy, hugged my grandma and ran to join all the kids. We danced, played stupid games, made paper boats, splashed water on each other. later after the rain stopped we all went to the terrace to watch the magical rainbow. I still remember how clear it was red in the outer layer and violet inside. 

Rains bring nostalgia for me and so many more memories. I loved how simple those days were where we had rain, rainbow and the splash of water entertaining us and not some technology. 

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