My Name is Anu and this is my first ever post on my site. I am new to word press and joined it as i always loved writing and thought of blogging as the best tool to express myself. I am here to share about living life with positivity, motivation and also my life experiences which in turn will help you to become a better version of yourself.

The things i love the most are watching rain while sipping my cup of tea/coffee, watching the sunset, watching old movies, writing and reading old poetries.

I hope i can fulfill your need of information through this website.Though am new here but i love to write as i think it gives me a voice that may have gone unheard.

Anus blissful diaries is a lifestyle blog for every girl who loves self care, self love, self growth and a bit of everything! Read some awesome self care and life hacks here which will help you motivate, grow and empower through my simple and honest experiences! Read More


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