5 Toxic Habits to Break for a Happy and Healthy Life.

June 10, 2020 No Comments

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into and hard to get out of” which is true as breaking bad habits is like getting out of your comfort zone which isn’t helping you grow.

We all have habits we’d like to break, whether it’s waking up late in the morning, bad eating habits, not exercising, or not drinking enough water.

Toxic habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing goals. They will keep you from being happy and confident about your lives.

These five habits are not only holding you back from accomplishing your goals but also keeping you away from your true happiness.

  1. You compare yourself to others:

 This is the most important toxic habit that we need to stop right away. Someone said and it’s true that “Comparision is the thief of joy”. Its a waste of energy and time if we keep comparing ourselves to others as it won’t add any value to our lives. We should stop comparing every detail of our lives to others and instead focus on ourselves and invest in growing our own skills and strengths.

  1. You are too critical of yourself:

Self-analysis is a good way to measure our efforts and achievements but in the process, we tend to overdo it a lot and are never satisfied with ourselves. 

We all aim to be a better version of ourselves and so we keep criticizing everything we do to strive better the next time. 

Stop being too critical and hard on yourself and look for ways to be more positive about your work and whatever you do. Be satisfied and happy with your achievements.

  1. You are always complaining: 

Stop complaining a lot about everything in general. 

Nobody wants to be around a person who keeps nagging or complaining about everything.

Also complaining makes us attract more negativity about a situation and this stops us from thinking clearly and having a positive attitude. Complaining needs to be fixed and the only way to do it is to accept the situation and yourself.

  1. You are spending long hours lurking on social media:

I know there are these wonderful apps that keep us connected with our world and where everyone keeps putting up pictures and updates of their lives, but these apps take up a lot of our time. 

You kinda get addicted to these apps seeing everyone’s life and comparing it with your own.

Stop checking these social notifications all the time and especially just before you wake up and before going to sleep.

Doing this will help you focus more on yourself and your life. 

  1. You follow an unhealthy routine: 

Our daily routine makes a lot of difference to our health and happiness. 

You avoid your health and don’t follow a proper routine which impacts our lifestyle and personal choices.

 In order to lead a good lifestyle, we need to follow a healthy routine like sleeping on time, waking up early, eating healthy foods, and drinking enough water and keep ourselves hydrated.

I know old habits are not easy to give up but with a little motivation and some self-affirmations can actually make this process easy. Try to break these 5 toxic habits immediately to lead a healthy and happy life.

Breaking these habits will not only improve your mind, body, and soul but will also make a huge positive impact on your personal and professional life.

Do comment as I would like to know what are the toxic habits that you are trying to break and how far is it helping you?

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